Intimate Photos of My Relationship with My Closest Friend’s Mom

Intimate Photos of My Relationship with My Closest Friend’s Mom

Photographer Alexander Deprez is hitched to a female 24 years their senior.

This informative article initially showed up on VICE Netherlands

Belgian professional professional photographer Alexander Deprez is hitched to Nathalie Nijs, who’s 24 years their senior and also the mom of their friend that is best. Their project NN is a number of analog photos of the day-to-day everyday lives together. I talked to Alexander about love, honesty and taboos.

VICE: whenever do you satisfy Nathalie? Alexander Deprez: around three years back, we invested an entire summer with my friend that is best Niels in Ghent. Me personally and my ex had just separated and I also felt just like a prisoner in Kuurne, the accepted spot where we lived at that time. Ghent ended up being alot more fun. Nathalie is Niels’ mum, therefore we where residing beneath the exact same roof and i recall we might lay on the balcony together a whole lot – just speaking and smoking.

Through the brief minute we came across, there clearly was no denying we shared a link but we didn’t do just about anything about it for some time. She ended up being mom of my buddy and we also had been extremely alert to the age huge difference too. That is until we wound up sleeping together after her party that 12 months.

Exactly just How did your companion respond to your relationship? There have been many people into the available space as soon as we began kissing – the celebration ended up being nevertheless going.

Some individuals had been quite shocked and you also could hear the “whoops” and “Wows” within the space, but everyone additionally laughed about this. (more…)