18 Halloween programs to help you get into the Spooky Spirit

18 Halloween programs to help you get into the Spooky Spirit

Wait, there’s a Gilmore Girls Halloween episode?

When the calendar turns to October first, it’s formally Halloween period. It’s an occasion to carve pumpkins, stock up on Halloween candy (regardless of if it is only for you—we’re not judging), and watch horror movies. But just what if frightening films aren’t your thing? Fear maybe maybe not: there are lots of Halloween episodes on television to give you within the spooky spirit. In the place of monsters, gore, and jump scares, there’s absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing but laughs and costumes that are silly.

Needless to say you can find Halloween-themed episodes of United states Horror tale and Scream Queens, b ut don’t forget that numerous non-spooky programs have actually Halloween episodes, too, from Friends to Parks and Rec. Therefore, grab the fun-size candy bars and settle in for a Halloween marathon. These Halloween programs, Halloween episodes, and Halloween deals are means much better than costume parties and trick-or-treating. View all of them long and enjoy, because Halloween only comes but once a year month.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Fear, It Self”

Season 4, episode 4

You can find a few Buffy Halloween episodes, but “Fear, Itself” is the best.

Buffy (Little Red Hood that is riding) Willow (Joan of Arc), Oz (Jesus), and Xander (James Bond) attend a costume celebration at a frat house. It quickly turns into a home of horrors whenever some bros unintentionally summon a demon by painting an icon they present in an old guide on the wall surface.

Brand Brand Brand New Woman: “Halloween”