The new Armenian woman, Armenian women’s writing within the Ottoman Empire, 1880

The new Armenian woman, Armenian women’s writing within the Ottoman Empire, 1880

Armenian women’s national team to face Lithuania in a pleasant

Thus, Armenians in Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt may include “ful” (stewed fava beans in olive oil). Armenians eat numerous meats like mutton, cattle and goat however the preferred meat in Armenian cuisine is pork.

Under a list system, voters choose a celebration somewhat than a person candidate. The variety of seats the celebration wins is decided by its proportion of the vote, and the people who fill the seats are decided within the order they appear on the listing. The “Women in Politics” convention, hosted by NDI with assist from the United States Agency for International Development, produced a draft policy platform that women’s teams and political parties can use as a blueprint for change. In the political and economic areas, for example, the ladies proposed creation of a quota to extend women’s representation in national and local elected our bodies and the passage of a gender fairness legislation to enhance enterprise alternatives and dealing conditions for women.


Appointed Titular Bishop of Comana on July 11, 1935, he was elected Patriarch Catholicos of Cilicia of All Armenians by the Armenian Catholic Synod, on November 30, 1937, with the name of Gregory Peter XV. On February 18, 1946 he was elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Pius XII. Finally, in 1885, due to the generosity of some wealthy Armenians and of Leo XIII, the Collegio Armeno (The Pontifical Armenian College) was granted the Church of S. Nicola da Tolentino in the street of that name and the original wishes and decree of Gregory XIII realized after so a few years. The beginnings of the island’s Armenian historical past started when Mekhitar da Pietro and his seventeen monks constructed a monastery, restored the old church, and enlarged the island to its current 30,000 sq. metres, about 4 occasions its unique space.

Armenians have additionally been successful in chess, which is the preferred thoughts sport in Armenia. Some of probably the most outstanding chess gamers on the earth are Armenian similar to Tigran Petrosian, Levon Aronian and Garry Kasparov. Armenians have also been successful in weightlifting and wrestling (Armen Nazaryan), successful medals in every sport at the Olympics.[citation needed] There are additionally successful Armenians in soccer – Henrikh Mkhitaryan, boxing – Arthur Abraham and Vic Darchinyan. Many kinds of sports activities are performed in Armenia, among the hottest being soccer, chess, boxing, basketball, hockey, sambo, wrestling, weightlifting and volleyball.

In 1883, Srbouhi Dussap ( ), the primary female author among Armenians, published a novel entitled Mayda by which she condemned women’s subordination to men and called for equality of sexes. Dussap herself had been involved in feminist activism previous to the publication of her first novel, and a male-sponsored campaign on extra active societal roles for women existed properly earlier than the Eighties. The real scandal was the brand new rising image of a feminine writer who daringly used the pen and the ability of fiction to name for change in the gender order within the Armenian society.

The Armenians developed close social, cultural, navy, and religious ties with nearby Crusader States, however eventually succumbed to Mamluk invasions. In the subsequent few centuries, Djenghis Khan, Timurids, and the tribal Turkic federations of the Ak Koyunlu and the Kara Koyunlu dominated over the Armenians. in the early years of the 4th century, doubtless 301 CE, partly in defiance of the Sassanids it appears.

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Nevertheless, some Armenian organizations continued to operate with the purpose to preserve national identification. According to Italian historic sources, it was more widespread to hear the Armenian language on the cosmopolitan lanes and canals of the Veneto than to listen to English or German. About 1% of Armenia’s inhabitants (23,374 as per the 2011 census), mostly ethnic Yazidis, an ethno-spiritual group living in the western a part of the country, observe Yazidism, one of the Yazdan religions. Many Yazidis got here to Armenia and Georgia in the course of the 19th and early twentieth centuries to flee religious persecution.

A multilingual (Armenian, Assyrian, Russian) sign at the entrance of Arzni. The 2001 census revealed 29,563 people with Russian as their native language, from which 12,905 have been ethnic Russians. According to the 2001 census 40,620 individuals recognized themselves as Yazidis and 1,519 as Kurds. The identical source confirmed 31,310 individuals with Kurdish as their native language.

Although its degree of competence have considerably decreased since Armenia’s independence in 1991, in 2010, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have reported that about 70% of Armenia’s inhabitants has the flexibility to talk Russian. A 1999 study showed that about forty% of the population is fluent in Russian. Russian language tv stations (4 as of 2003) and newspapers are broadly out there in Armenia.

The Evolution of Armenia’s Beauty Industry, According to Women Who Witnessed It

More and more are single moms and the only bread winners for their youngsters and aged parents. Further exacerbating these issues are disappearing security nets that end in fewer women getting educated and discovering work. To make the seek for your future Armenian wife quick armenian single women, you want a robust search engine. On an excellent courting service, you will be able to apply country and nationality filters. Plus, you have to have the ability to exclude invalid customers out of your search.

He inspired Mariam Hakhoumian, the wife of wealthy native Armenian Hambartsoum Hakhoumian, to establish a women’s organization for the aim of opening a girls’ faculty. The School-Loving Ladies’ Society that was to turn out to be the second largest and long-lived women’s group among the many Western Armenians, was founded in another district of Constantinople, Mijagyough (Ortakoy). The founders of the Society have been again graduates of a woman’s center school, the Hripsimiats Girls’ School in Ortakoy, amongst them Nourik Simonian, Tagouhi Baltazarian and Armaveni Minassian (nee Sahakian). The objective of the Society was to promote education of ladies and prepare academics for the provinces. To that end, a task was set to open personal colleges the place Armenian girls may get tuition-free training.

For example, younger women wore a distinct head-cowl; single older girls did not have a nose- or mouth-cowl, while new brides covered each with a white material. Middle-aged women dressed less complicated, in darker colors, typically mixed with white, and wore no ornaments, while elderly women dressed even simpler and wore a white head-cowl and sometimes did not cover their noses or mouths (Minasian, pp. ). Girls typically married at the age of fifteen or sixteen; the bride and the groom did not see each other till the wedding ceremony.

This number, regardless of the lack of creating a true depend, is over half of the 2.5 million Armenians who then referred to as the region home. According to him, the image of Armenian woman has been unrightfully uncared for many times, however once we research our historical past we perceive how crucial her function was in all instances. The seminar entitled “Heroic image of Armenian woman in Armenian history” was performed today by the Dean of the Faculty of History Edik Minasyan. Prominent underground Soviet spy and veteran of the Russian international intelligence service Gohar Vardanyan has already gone down in historical past. At the age of 16, she joined the anti-Fascist group of her future husband and pal-in-fight Gevorg Vardanyan and commenced her career as an energetic explorer along with the group.

The primacy of honor of the Catholicosate of Etchmiadzin has at all times been acknowledged by the Catholicosate of Cilicia. In 301 AD, Armenia adopted Christianity as a state faith, becoming the primary state to do so. The claim is based on the fifth-century work of Agathangelos titled “The History of the Armenians.” Agathangelos witnessed at first hand the baptism of the Armenian King Trdat III (c. 301/314 A.D.) by St. Gregory the Illuminator. Armenians of the Diaspora are the first speakers of the Western dialect of the Armenian language.

Armenian entrepreneurs were quick to exploit the oil increase which began in Transcaucasia in the 1870s, having large investments within the oil-fields in Baku in Azerbaijan and the refineries of Batumi on the Black Sea coast. All this meant that the tensions between Armenians, Georgians and Azeris in Russian Transcaucasia weren’t simply ethnic or non secular in nature however were because of social and economic factors too. Nevertheless, despite the popular picture of the typical Armenian as a profitable businessman, at the end of the nineteenth century 80 per cent of Russian Armenians have been still peasants working the land. The decision additionally incorporates an apology for Germany’s function in the Genocide (The German Monarchy was an ally of Ottoman Turkey throughout World War I, and didn’t intervene despite ample proof of a coverage of extermination) and calls on Turkey to examine its position within the ethnic cleaning.