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About Us

Why Reva Print Pack?

Reva print pack is a leading supplier of HDPE/PP, BOPP Woven Bags, and Fabric. Reva Print pack is the sister company of Vishal containers ltd, which has around 35+ years of experience manufacturing packaging solutions for industries all over the world.


Our state-of-the-art factory is located in Gujarat and spread across 1,10,000 sq. ft having a manufacturing capacity of half a million bags per day. Our technologically advanced infrastructure ensures high quality and durable production for all items and our products are used in industries from all niches from animal food to fertilizers.

Through our other endeavor, we aim to help solve the issues related to environmental sustainability. We have a dedicated research and development department at Circupack Solutions, which focuses solely on developing sustainable packaging. With advanced technologies such as electron beam printing and barrier coating technology, our main aim is to meet the circular economy goals.
Quality Assurance

Every product that we produce, is an amalgamation of years of experience with consistent hard work. We cater to many diligent industries, which directly depend on us for the quality of their packaging. So, treating our work with respect and providing our patrons with the highest quality supplies is of utmost importance to us. Apart from manufacturing, we also provide specific customization as per the requirement of the industry we serve.

Why Woven Fabric?

The main purpose behind using Woven Fabric and Woven bags is that it is much more durable due to their composition which makes them much more convenient for bearing load and also makes them water, oil, and heat resistant.

Our Certificate

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