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What is the significance of Packaging in various industries?
  • Packaging defines the shelf life of a product
  • Packaging is the first impression of the product in your end customer’s mind before it is opened from the packet
  • Some heavy materials such as cement and chemically sensitive materials such as Detergent, Fertilizer requires expert packaging for proper transfer without any leakage and spoil
  • Packaging protects the materials in transit from water, humidity, vapor, dust, and all other external weather factors
Why Choose Reva Print pack?
  • We provide a wide variety of packaging that suits the need of the material ranging from 5kg to 50kg
  • We offer all kinds of customizations available in the packaging industry today
    We give accurate branding to your product using the latest printing technology with 10 different varieties of cylinders at our state-of-the-art factory
  • We offer packaging for a wide range of industries ranging from animal/pet food to Cement industries
  • Years of experience working with industries across all sectors

There is not a day in any Indian’s life that goes on without homemade Roties. Not just Indian, but any cuisine in the world is incomplete without flour. But do you know the effort it takes for the flour it takes to reach your home fresh and safely, in a good condition? Reva Print pack is proud to contribute to your everyday life through the production of high-quality bags that are used for Flour packaging.

With the help of the latest technology and breakthrough equipment, we manufacture bags that save the flour from heat, water, and other external environmental factors, and keep its freshness intact.

Food Items

Manufacturing packaging for food items requires a different kind of expertise because the responsibility of keeping the items fresh and usable comes onto the shoulders of the packaging manufacturer. Our packaging products come in a wide range of varieties to suit the need of different kinds of products such as grains, tea, dairy products, etc. We use the latest technologies in packaging industries such as gussets in sides, types of cutting, and the latest printing technology to make sure our bags are up to the mark for the clientele that we serve. 


Seeds are essential for crops to grow. Seeds are much more sensitive in nature as compared to other materials. We offer BOPP laminated PP Woven bags with extra layering inside to ensure the safe transportation of seeds. 

Animal & Pet Food

The animal and pet food industry has seen a rise in recent years as more and more people are opting to keep a pet. Our latest technology packaging ensures that the aroma of the food stays intact and food reaches your pets in a fresh and healthy manner.


Fertilizers are used to increase crop yield and are essential for farming. Our packaging for Fertilizers is sturdy and ensures that it does not react with the chemical composition of Fertilizers.


Agrochemicals are used to increase crop yield and our packaging materials offer a sturdy yet neutral solution for the transportation of chemical reaction sensitive Agrochemicals. Agrochemicals are potent chemicals that if not transported using proper packaging, can incur health risks. So, only trust a leader like Reva print packs when dealing with Agrochemicals. Our Packaging bags for Agrochemicals are designed keeping safety in mind.


Detergent is also sensitive material that requires proper packaging while transportation to keep the chemical compounding intact for it to be useful in everyday applications. Our specifically designed bags for detergent comes with multiple layers to protect detergents from water, dust, and any kind of chemical reaction.


Of all the materials mentioned, cement is the heaviest to carry. With advanced technologies and the latest equipment, our cement carrying bags are made with the highest quality to bear the heavy load of cement. We offer two kinds of bags for Cement: open-mouth bottom stitched bags and Open-mouth-bottom gusseted bags.

Wall Finish

Our BOPP laminated PP woven bags are perfect for Wall finish. We provide multiple layers as per the need which protects the material inside the packaging from water and moisture.

Outer Bag

Outer bags are a great counterpart to traditional ways of transportation and make bulk production transportation easier and more organized. With years of experience in the packaging industry, we offer budget-friendly solutions for the proper transportation of valuable materials.


Charcoal is Carbon and carbon is known for its absorbent properties. With our skillfully designed products, we ensure to provide packaging that makes the charcoal reach its destination without any contamination.

Mineral Bag

Our international-quality packaging materials are also suitable for transporting Minerals. Our clientele is spread across the globe and trusts our mineral bag for the stable transportation of man-made minerals.

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