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Perforation is done for air circulation inside the packaging to keep the product inside the package hydrated. We offer a variety of Perforation methods as per the requirement.

Types of Perforation

How Perforation is done?

Perforation is a simple yet effective process that involves creating small holes or cuts in a material to aid in tearing or separating it into smaller pieces. In the case of bag production, the process starts with feeding a printed laminated roll into an automatic machine. As the machine moves the roll forward, it creates tiny holes in the bags through a cutting process. These holes provide airflow within the bag, allowing for improved circulation. Finally, the bags are stitched together to complete the production process.

Advantages of Perforation process :

Perforation provides several advantages for bagged products. By creating small holes or cuts in the material, perforation enables continuous airflow within the bag, helping to keep the contents hydrated and maintain their quality. At Reva print packs, with our advanced equipments and large manufacturing capacity, we always strive to meet the demands of our customers who require perforated bags for their products.
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